Danny Void

I've been a paid designer for over a decade, with a focus in creating album art.
Oh, and I make music (sometimes).‍

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Hire Me

Hire Me


All pricing must be discussed via email or DM's.            
My preference being

Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Text Only: +1 737 210-1769


• You agree to credit me with the posting of the artwork.

• I maintain the rights to share the work I created, under my brand.
• You can remove my credit and or rights from the project for a fee.
• You can ask me to wait for a future date to share the finished product.

• Payment must be up front. This is not subject to change.
• Work can be expedited for a fee.
• Absolutely no refunds.

• 1 FREE revision per design.
• 3 revisions MAX per project which incur 20% fee of original price.
• Any additional revisions will cost a substantial fee.
• Going in a "new direction" will cost significantly more.
• Revisions are a little ambiguous, we can discuss what constitutes a major or paid change.

Turnaround Time
• Work is estimated to be delivered within 5-10 business days of verifying payment.
• I can expedite to same day for a fee.

• Purchasing my services in volume will discount the final price.  

File Types & Resolution
• All files will be sent in either .jpg, .png, or .pdf.
• Master files can be sent for a fee.
• Cover art will be designed in 3000x3000 and sent in 1600x1600.          

File Hosting
• I will only hold your final files for 24 hours.
• I can host longer for a fee.